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washington. helping to kick off our special coverage, chris matthews, host of msnbc "hardball" is live in washington, d.c. at the lincoln memorial and where all of today's event will take place. chris, good morning. let's set the scene for everybody. as we understand the program for today, we have three presidents, a host and current and former future civil rights and leaders and politicians taking the stage. truly a diverse program but we all look back 50 years ago to those vivid images that still inspire today. >> thomas, this is going to be a hot day. it's not that hot. it's sweltering today but not as bad as it could get in washington. it's drizzling and may clear up. i expect there is heated rhetoric today. this country is divideded right now, heavily and sharply divided between the one reject an african-american president and rejected him from the day he was elected and the day they heard he might be elected. the other half of the country almost pouting with this illusion right now. gee whiz. why isn't this greater? pef an african-american president and things not happen
this country and to mark the 50th anniversary of the march on washington, and the good saturday afternoon to you, everyone. i am craig melvin coming live from the feet of the lincoln memorial continuing our coverage. we heard speech from civil rights and political leaders ranging from attorney general eric holder of course here and house speaker -- house minority leader nancy pelosi and the families of trayvon martin and of course martin luther king iii scheduled to join us at some point here over the next hour or so, and again right now thousands about to start retracing the steps that marchers took 50 years ago. so has peter alexander who is along the march route and let me start with you. what is the scene like right now? >> so right now we're along the route on independence avenue and you can see the police are clearing the way as they arrive here at the martin luther king memorial. we are joined by so many people who witnessed history as we wait to see those who participated in it, one of those voices is the gentleman i met today named franklin delano, no roosevelt, but williams. you
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. obvious transition here, perhaps. washington state and colorado legalized recreational marijuana use in their states last year. but putting the laws into practice has been anything but smooth sailing. with pot still illegal on a federal level, there are a number of hurdles, including how to regulate the marketplace. cnbc's jane wells with more on the challenges ahead. >> craig, welcome to the mile high city. this is legal medical cannabis. you still can't grow or sell recreational pot yet, but it's coming. in the meantime, no matter how you get your pot, if you got 'em, you can smoke 'em. either here in colorado or in washington state where these pictures were shot. if you're at least 21 years old, only have an ounce but you can't resell it. there's quite a few differences between the two laws. but it turns out nothing has been easy in enacting these new regulations. labeling, tracking, all of that has turned out to be a little more difficult. for example, in washington, they're deciding they're going to cap production so that too much pot isn't grown and it ends up being exported ou
. if this is a strategy what is the strategy? >> lindy is an old roommate from mine of washington, d.c. and i've had several discussions with him that both of us disagree on. the strategy has to be this. my concern friends will get mad a at me i do agree with governor rendell. we have to talk about the issues important to the country and say how do we get real solutions and conservative principles and take this to this administration and the democrats that control the senate to get things done. talking about these issues like an impeachment that are not going to happen doesn't help that agenda and it doesn't help us, not only in policy on, but it doesn't help us in politics next november. >> always a pleasure, gentlemen. have a fantastic weekend. >> you too, craig. >>> president obama is on the road again today to promote his plan to make higher education more affordable. day two of his bus tour takes him to binghamton. followed by a stop at a college in scranton, pennsylvania. catch his town hall here on msnbc at 12:45 today. remember we are hours away from the expected resignation of san diego may
. and there is a process by which we need to follow. it was framed in our constitutional. george washington made it clear. >> sir, while we understand that there is, you know, the responsibility right now is coming from the president because of the words that were used by the secretary of state john kerry yesterday saying it really is undeniable, but do you need stronger confirmation that not only are there deaths associated with chemical weapons but they are directly linked with bashar al assad and his government? >> thomas, one of the main purpose of what i'm asking here and i think is clearly required under our constitution is to have the time to see that evidence, to walk through it and deliberate it on the house floor. right now, the president, i think, kind of thrown us a bone, if you will. he is meeting or talking to individual members. this is helpful but no substitute for engaging the institution itself. the discussions are taking place in private right now they need to take place on the house floor and senate floor. the president really, i think, looks for his moral foundation in this from the
be washington's highest priority. it's my highest priority. i've got to say it's not always washington's highest priority. because rather than keeping focus on a growing economy that creates good middle class jobs, you know, we've seen a faction of republicans in congress suggest that maybe america shouldn't pay its bills that have already been run up, that we should shut down government if they can't shut down obama care. you know, that won't grow our economy. they won't help our middle class. we can't afford in washington the usual circus of distractions and political posturing. we can't afford that right now. what we need is to build on the corner stones of what it means to be middle class in america. focus on that. a good job with good wages. a good education, a home of your own, affordable health care, a secure retirement. bread and butter pocketbook issues that you care about every single day. that you're thinking about every single day. and we've got to create more pathways in the middle class for folks who are willing to work for it. that's what made america great. it's not just how many
in these games. do you have enough support in washington to provide legislation with any real teeth? >> i certainly hope so. we haven't paid a lot of attention until the last week but when the sports minister came out and said that the anti-discrimination law or it's actually the discrimination law against the lgbt community was enforced during the games it caught everyone's attention. i have a lot of concerns about the law itself and the general campaign against lgbt community in russia. i think we should clarify that it's wrong and certainly we need to guarantee that all of those attending the games are going to be in lgbt discrimination free zone. so we need to draw attention to that. >> given the current climate, as we have been witnessing with our relationship with russia, especially the fact that vladimir putin has granted temporary asylum to edward snowden any reason to believe -- >> i think when it comes to olympic games there is a tremendous amount of national prestige about it. i don't think russia wants to be in a position whether being criticized by the world for -- it's not r
washington to work. if we look at 2016 what you see, the fact that you have a tea party candidate, libertarian candidate like rand paul going head to head with chris christie they may eat each other alive and not have a shot at the white house again. if you look at what's happening now in august recess, the fact that the republicans are the ones defending obamacare for the constituency because they want the government not to function it's interesting what happens when you open it to the jep debate. >> it doesn't seem like a completely solid frontrunner for republicans. chris matthews thinks the gop is about to make a major shift. i want to play what he said last night. >> they put up with george bush, i, bob dole. we are disappointed with george w. and then by mitt romney. now coming loaded for bear for 2016. i predict the hard right will take over the republican party in 2016 and the nomination is going to -- rand paul. the. >> what do you think about that, cheryl? rand paul with 16% behind chris christie at 21. is he h the won to watch that has the structure, grassroots structur
? >> joining me now for more on this is msnbc policy analyst "the washington post" columnist ezra klein. the republicans are trying to drum up the support they need to defund obama care. meanwhile, politico reporting that rick perry negotiating with white house officials to accept a hundred million dollars available through aca. talking points memo out with virginia and ohio and michigan that could sign on to obama care medicaid expansion. then add colorado and montana to states that are reporting affordable insurance premiums. do republicans have an inkling they are losing this battle? open vornenrollment is around t corner. >> i would say republicans insofar as you could ever refer to these incredibly fraud party as aiv unified organization now are trying to figure out how to get ted cruz to be quiet and calm down the base a little bit and get into a more reasonable stance in regards welcome care. texas governor rick perry, who is absolutely an opponent to this law as you can possibly find but he does want to be a part of the medicaid program that allows for disabled medicaid patients
at this hour. new information from washington, and the international community. allegations about the chemical weapons attack by the assad regime. i'm joined by nbc's ayman mohieldin. and kirsten at the white house. >> reporter: they've reached an agreement allowing u.n. inspectors to visit the site of an alleged weapons attack that happened a few days ago. keep in mind that the u.n. undersecretary-general for disarmament arrived in damascus yesterday to press the syrian government to give u.n. inspectors access. today it seems the access has been granted. however, it will not be free of any interference from the syrian government. this is according to the syrian news agency, u.n. inspectors will have to coordinate their movements with the syrian government. that means they will have to give them notification where they're going to go, what time they're going to go. that may limit the u.n. in terms of what they will see, who they will speak to, and the kind of access they are given overall. the syrian government has been denying any responsibility over the alleged chemical weapons attack. they
, again, he continues this rand paul war of words. in fact, in his column in "the washington post" this weekend the question was posed to him chris christie and rand paul is the gop big enough for both of them? is the gop big enough for both of them area their messages? >> it's more than two the of them. the libertarian and moderate wing and you also have the far right wing and they are all battling for supremacy right now. another wing may show up we don't know about. >> out of the two of them who do you think wins the war of words? >> i think in the end chris christie is going to win. >> bob, thanks for joining us. today's big question for all of you will chris christie's moderate moves tank him with republicans come 2016? if he decides to run which he probably is. head to our facebook page and tweet me your thoughts. we will get them on later on the show. >>> coming up i'm speaking with civil rights leader norm hill. we talk about michelle's big album for hip-hop kids. we will be right back. this man is about to be the millionth customer. would you mind if i go ahead of you? in
be felt around the world. joining me now from washington to talk about the implication is jonathan allen senior washington correspondent for politico, julie mason, host of the press pool on sirius xm. here in the studio steven clemmons washington editor at large for the atlantic. big thanks to all of you for being with me on a saturday. i want to start with you here, steven, because we just heard from kristen about egypt. one of our best friends in that region for decades now. for john q. six-pack at home watching right now, explain in the simplest of terms why this matters, why this is so important for america. >> because egypt is an 80 million person country that's one of the true states that's been around for thousands of years. when you think about history, it sets the temperature for the middle east, north africa region. it is a vital ally in terms of our relationship with israel and in terms of having been a traditional anchor of stability that supported u.s. interests in the region. so we are in a situation now where the government has taken abhorrent steps, killed nearly a thousa
of areas for attacks. >>> now to washington. white house correspondent kristen welker. kristen, this must be an odd day for the president. he's celebrating his 52nd birthday in the midst of a global security issue. >> president obama was celebrating his 52nd birthday from camp david. he's just returned. he's been updated regularly on the global terror threat, including at least twice yesterday. once after a meeting of his national security team which included his adviser susan rice, secretary of state john kerry, and chuck hagel, and a number of other top officials. so he has been monitoring this situation quite closely. and i expect those briefings to go on throughout the day. this all comes as we are looking a little bit of new information about what top officials really are focused on right now. according to a senior administration official and top u.s. official who has been briefed on the latest intelligence, we've been talking a lot about the fact that they are bracing for a significant attack. these two officials tell me significant could either mean one attack or simultaneous attac
of washington dysfunction then all bets are off. you already have the public saying 25%. they only have 25% approval of their handling of congress as it is today and people don't want more dysfunction and they can't pass off the blame for a government shutdown when you have senator ted cruz openly campaigning for it and saying you'll be no different than when government closes for the weekend. they lose leverage and budget negotiations they have to accept more tax increases and putting off sequester cuts. if they can't get the rest of their party to agree, they can forget about the senate. >> even when there is a situation playing out right now in kentucky, like a referendum on what is happening within congress. polls showing there minimum tch mcconnell is a dead heat with his opponent. he has a tea party challenger in this matt bevin. could this race be a good predictor what is come to happen in 2014? >> it is fascinating. you finally have a referendum on republican control of congress. this idea of obstructing everything obama stands for, filibustering every piece of legislation and work
-tracked by the frenzy of the moment in washington. yes, i've spoken to him recently and i'm sure he's reached out to others as well. he is good about keeping in touch and just keeping folks up to date and soliciting poise ntf view. >> was your conversation more personal or more professional? >> there were specific issues that i wanted to run by him. but generally when we talk, it is a wide ranging an oven personal discussion. it may involve some public issues and it also may involve, you know, the prospects for the chicago bulls which this conversation did. >> it's good to know you cover the full gamut there. i want to get you about what we know the latest terrorist threat that had the nonessential personnel of lahore embassy moving to another part of pakistan. it doesn't appear this is related to the terror threat that shut down the other 19 other diplomatic posts. do you feel this is an overreaction or is this just better be safe than sorry approach? >> thomas, i think we have learned from hard experience that we need to take all potential threats seriously. we have got diplomats working in dan
the pot. the obama administration is backing off colorado and washington which allows people to smoke marijuana recreationally. the justice department says it will not challenge the laws in those states as long as they keep strict rules when it comes to sale and distribution. a memo to all 50 states it's telling prosecutors they should refocus their efforts away from individual users. this is the topic for today's agenda panel. victoria is a professor at the university of texas and nbc latinos contributor and ryan grimm is joining us and msnbc contributor and taylor godden is the editor of pill wiolitical w >> your country on drugs, you have written about this issue, ryan. talk a little bit about what happened yesterday. because the deputy attorney general's memo tells us that attorneys that were going after users for simple possession is really not the best use of resources. explain a little bit more about what this means from the justice septemb department. >> the most significant policy change that they made yesterday -- they never like to say that things are an actual change. they
at the height of the summer vacation season. we'll get the very latest from washington. >>> celebrity status. new word on the new life of laker edward snowden just as the u.s. envoy meets with russian aides to discuss the diplomatic fallout. a report from moscow. >> i want you to have this, this is really a gift from my brother and all the people online. i want you to have this and use it how you want. >> the man traveling coast to coast giving away hundreds of dollars to unsuspecting americans. could your hometown be next? >>> we begin with a worldwide heightened security threat. tod todayinter pole issued an extra security after recent prison breaks in iraq, libya and pakistan that could all be the work of al qaeda. it comes as the u.s. government issued its own worldwide travel alert for americans and orders 22 u.s. embassies and consulates across the muslim world to be closed tomorrow. u.s. officials tell nbc news it's based on a significant increase in chatter they intercepted in the region. >> we're taking concrete steps to make sure our personnel overseas are safe. >> what we can tell
on these surveillance issues. >> ed o'keefe of "the washington post," lynn sweet of "the chicago sun-times" thanks to both of you. >> thank you. >>> big break, big break, police make a new discovery in the frantic search for a mississippi california girl, the latest on the man underhunt for the alleged abductor and suspected killer. >>> ex-humaning the truth, researchers will dig up secret graves at a florida reform school. what is behind the new efforts to uncover this school's deadly history? >>> also the american town where a 4-year-old, there is he, the 4-year-old who is now mayor again. you're watching msnbc. my mother made the best toffee in the world. it's delicious. so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to take an idea and make it happen. i'm janet long and i formed my toffee company through legalzoom. i never really thought i would make money doing what i love. [ robert ] we created legalzoom to help people start their business and launch their dreams. go to today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. at t
correspondent pete williams joining me from washington. break down what we expect the attorney general to announce. >> what you said, thomas. for those low level offenders not connected to some larger organization and not connected to a drug cartel or a gang, they are not part of an organized crime operation, they are on their own, they are carrying a small amount of drugs, what he is going to say to federal prosecutors is write the charges in a way that doesn't trigger the mandatory minimum sentences so that means they won't specify, for example, whether certain amount of drugs was there that would trigger the mandatory either five or ten-year prison sentence. part of the problem here, he says, that sthat this is a misdirection of sources. it's a harsh punishment for people who are not the big part of the problem. secondly he said it's contribute to go a massive overcrowding in u.s. prison systems. in the federal system, for example, prison growth has been about 800 percent in the last couple of years when you compare that to the growth in population of only about a third and 40% of u
rights on the front burner ahead of the march on washington and the anniversary the nation contemplates the meaning of trayvon martin's death. >> look at you. all puffed up. tattle head. covering your ear. saying whatever you want. you're free to go. >> what? >> get the hell out of my house! do it! get on out. >> everybody sit down. >> i'm sorry, mr. butler. any mean to make fun of your hero! >> pretty emotional scene there. as politico was pointing out, oprah's return coincide with a senate endorsement controversial comment on trayvon martin's case. oprah and director "the butler" lee daniels sat down on "morning joe" to talk about it. >> trayvon is the emma till of our era. >> joining me is marvet britto and emily henderson. marvet, start with you. oprah seems to be on a high right now especially with the fact that the movie no way is getting so much buzz you but her network is now thriving where it had been seeming to be a black hole for money and now seems to be turning a profit which she is proud of and she is back to acting but there was the shopping incident in switzerland that h
message in "the washington post" was to voters out there and if you wanted to vote for trayvon, the best way to do that is to look for those people that are in favor of amending stand your ground laws. >> well, as sybrina fulton said and tracy martin said, they are trying to make something positive out of something very negative and dealing with the devastating loss of their son and aftermath of the verdict. therefore, they are trying to have a legacy that will define trayvon and that is to have this trayvon martin amendment to stand your ground laws that simply stand for the proposition that you cannot be the initial aggressor. you can't start the confrontation and kill somebody and say you were standing your ground. it's common sense legislation. we think that it's a win/win for everybody. they have not been partisan about it. they have been completely nonpartisan say we want to protect our children. we believe our children have a right to walk in peace. the trayvon voter is a person who is common sense person who say i should have a right to walk in paens not be profiled, especially o
magnificent building in washington to walk into and it's a hard job to walk away from but an enormous amount at stake right now depending on when retirements. >> in one sense i would add her expectation as a aclu litigator and one of the most liberal members of the court she will be replaced probably by someone slight to her right no matter who is president. she didn't say that but i think is the undercurrent here. >> as you point that out, we have the rulings this summer on doma and kicking prop 8 back to california and had these t-shirts this summer of the image this in the notorious rbg. do you think she would be replaced to someone to right of her, is she the rock star liberal of the court? >> i think she absolutely it. rick, i don't know if you've worked on this in your scholarship. whether many comparisons to be made between her and biggie smalls i think is an open question that has to be studied but the idea you can put t-shirts of her out there. she is not an elena kagan. she came out this term and said i'm not down with the promise that kennedy had fashioned. she wanted to say 100%
with the march on washington. we saw the celebration take place with the president yesterday marking 50 years, but the president brought up the fact about jobs in this country, especially minimum wage jobs and the only place to go is up. take a look. >> the test was never whether the door was cracked, it's whether it provides a fair shot for the many, to the brack custodian and the white steelworker, the immigrant dishwasher and the native-american veteran. to win that ballots, to answer that call, this remains our great unfinished business. >> they're calling for higher minimum wage. how much of an impact do you think today's protesting will have? >> they're spreading across the country in a way we haven't seen in recent u.s. history. these are one of the fastest-growing low-wage industries. these aren't stepping-stone jobs. the bulk of the gain skills and advance with us or move on to something else. mcdonald's says they competitive pay and benefits, and training for those who wish to take advantage of the opportunities. our history is full of examples for individuals who worked their first
the conservatives and liberals and the two parties in washington, and it gets less and less connected to the daily realities of this war, which are absolutely time sensitive. >> richard, you just eluded to something and i want to follow-up, what is happening on the ground in syria right now, and what in today's decision could mean moving forward in the days and weeks from now, and is it reasonable to think the regime of assad will be able to move around things and make adjustments on the ground based on today's announcement that he might not otherwise have been able to make? >> i don't think the regime has been impacted or concerned by anything the united states or other countries have been saying or doing. there have been numerous attacks today, every 15 minutes or so leaving damascus, artillery shells have been fired into suburbs, and just a few days ago a ferocious attack in which napalm was dropped on a school, and we are hearing about attacks that take place in cities every day, and we are canvassing the telephones and skypes, hearing people who are desperate, out of medicine and out of money
, mayor twitter books his tick tote washington. >> that's clever. that's clever, perry. >> thank you. >> that's cute. >> so corey booker, likely to win the primary in new jersey for the senate and on tuesday and, therefore, put himself on track to win the election in november. only three african-americans have been elected to the senate before. he would be the fourth. he would make history in that sense. the less important but interesting thing is a lot of centers don't use e-mail or computers. we're going to now have a senator here who's like uses twitter all the time and is technologically savvy. i'm interested in how he takes thatt ebrand to washington. >> he has a startup that's popular. 30 seconds your headline. >> first mideast summit in five years gets under way amid tensions over settlements. israel announced new settlements in which palestine considers to be their land. >> you're a better writer than headline. your headline was a bit borg. >> you like that? >> i'm not good with the mayor, the twitter, the booker. i hope he loses anyway. >> we'll have to end it there. goldie
weeks and "the washington post" describes this speech as essential for her future. how important that she come out on this issue and other issues as she looks to run potentially for 2016? do you see this as the groundwork for that run? >> let me say this. hillary clinton and bill clinton both have a long history and a reputation for dealing with discrimination, for dealing with voting rights, for dealing with human rights, all of that. and so i certainly expect her, no matter what she decides to do or not to do, to continue to be a vice on those kinds of issues. she's made it very clear in that statement, it was very clear of what she is concerned with, what she cares about and she is absolutely correct. while we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act, we will have to pay attention to the fact that it's going backwards and not forwards. i applaud her for her statements. >> yesterday, the other news that was made attorney general eric holder announcing that he would seem limits on mandatory minimal sentencing for low risk drug convictions. i want to remind everybo
on in washington, d.c., we've got tremendous city council members, mayors, legislators, governors, we have to highlight those people doing amazing things. part of what we have to do is stop focusing on everything that happens in washington, d.c. and highlight great people that make our parties strong throughout the country. >> the website that you mention, if you go to the first thing you see, is sign the petition against cnn and nbc and the rnc threatened to end the partnership and hosting the 2016 gop primary debates if they don't cancel plans for the bio picks of hillary clinton. there's a piece out that says god grant reince priebus the serenity -- i think people recognize the serenity prayer. you'll be voting on this. no one is bringing at cnn. are you making a huge mistake with this at all? >> not at all. nobody had a problem when chris matthews moderated two republican debates. that's insane. to let a democratic operative to moderate a debate between our candidates is crazy. why can't we stand up as a party and say, we should actually start to have networks and moderators that care
few days before break voting on a grab bag of partisan goodies, or as "the washington post" calls them, scandal bills. there is the stop irs act. there is the stop playing on citizens cash act. and there is the crown jewel of scandalville's -- the keep the irs off your health care act, a bill that will allow republicans to cast their 40th vote to repeal the affordable care act. according to speaker john boehner, that is all much more productive than anything the president might be doing. >> we're not just over
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)